The Apollo Space program will go live on November 28, 2023

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Apollo space plan is a decentralized aggregation platform created for the consensus of digital assets, and strives to build a complete decentralized digital ecology. The innovative "CBSS system" according to the law of stars forms a perfect ecological cycle. Based on the decentralized application of blockchain as the core, users can have full autonomy. Return to the community autonomous environment, set to explore the development of web3.0, NFT, RWA, Gamefi, Defi and other blockchain ecology as one, so that users can freely trade digital assets on the platform, the creative "CBSS system" will form a natural circular system, will build a new blockchain financial ecology.
Apollo space plan is a crypto financial ecosystem aggregation platform launched by ApolloDAO, Optiver capital, Brevan Howard capital and other institutions. Through innovative technologies and concepts, It provides users with a new blockchain financial ecosystem and more comprehensive and convenient blockchain financial services.
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